New from EVARING!
The new 33" vegetation control "EVARING" is designed for installation on fire hydrants.

  • Sliced for easy installation.
  • Environmentally friendly by elimination of chemicals.
  • Saves on the cost of labor.
  • Significant reduction of mowing and trimming around hydrants.
  • Easier to locate hydrants in heavy vegetation areas.

The EVARING is a device for use on runway lights, sign posts fire hydrants and many other applications. The "EVARING" is available in two sizes:
The 26" EVARING is molded for stake mounted lights. It is 2 1/4 in thick in the center with a 4" x 4" x 2" on the underside to fit over the mounting stake and break over coupling, it tapers to 1/2" at the outer edge and the 26" weight is 19 pounds.
The 33" weight is 21 pounds and 3/4" depth tapering to 1/2" at outter edge.
Both size EVARINGS can be split for ease of installations.
Current Price for either size EVARING is $95.00 with Split is $98.50.
Rings are not affected by heavy winds or storms.
When placing an order please specify: Size of EVARING - stake mounted or can mounted, Size of Center Hole, Split or Plain, Send P.O. with Compant Name and Address to be shipped to. Buyer Pays Freight, Fax P.O. 402-228-1805 or 402-228-1714 Further information call 402-228-1714

Made in the USA

Retail Price Standard Model: $95.00 September 6th 2023

Before the Evaring     Please Notice Price Increase          After the Evaring

Before the Evaring

  • Only the 26" Evaring is approved for Federal AIP Funding
  • Constructed of 50% recycled tire rubber and 50% virgin rubber
  • Eliminates labor of mowing and trimming around runway lights and sign posts
  • Reduces erosion of the soil around the light fixture, which comes from wind and rain, causing water to pool under the light fixture
  • Helps beautify the light system or signs on the runway. Reduces light fixture breakage from attempting to mow too close
After the Evaring
  • Locates tie-down rings in grass tie-down areas
  • Eliminating vegetation at the fixture can stop a snow drift from forming downwind
  • Saves cost of chemicals
  • Easy to install
  • Initial costs off set by reduced labor and materials costs in the future
  • Retails for $95

New Evaring pic 1

  • 33" diameter
  • Retails for $95
  • made for base mount runway lights and reflectors

New Evaring Pic 2

  • This picture shows a new option available for "EVARING'. The slice cuts installation time since the fixture does not have to removed or reassembled. The cost for slicing is an additional $3.50 each.
Online prices are intended to be accurate and up to date. In rare instances, prices may vary. Please call to confirm pricing.
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